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RQ will do automatically one of the quest embedded in ISXRI.

Just type "RQ" in console. A menu will appear. Select the Quest you need to do when press "Run" button.


Note :

1. You need to do that in front of the Giver after having taken the Quest to be done

2. If you stop the quest in the middle there is no resume option (As I know of)

Notes about Planes of Prophecy Quests

Tradeskill Quests

  • A Stitch in Time, Part I: Security Measures

The toon get stuck often near some harvest but it usually get unstuck if you wait for it

  • A Stitch in Time, Part II: Lightning Strikes

Part where the toon has to walk on ice (hence difficult to maneuver) have to be done manually. A popup will explain what to do.