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ISXRI - Home of ISXRI and CombatBot EverQuest 2 Zone and Quest Automation

ISXRI - Extension for Innerspace and ISXEQ2

Public Version - Login: Public Password: Free
(Disclaimer: You must have Innerspace, and ISXEQ2)
(Disclaimer: Free version includes access to CombatBot only)

Install (Installation Instructions)

Automated Zones (current list of automated zones)
Automated Quests (current list of automated quests)
Raid Coding (current list of raid coding)

Main Scripts

CombatBot (CB)


Run Instances (RI)
Run Zones (RZ)
Run Agnositc (RA)
Run Quests (RQ)
Run Proving Grounds (RPG)
RI Group Login (RGL)
RI Infuse (RIF)
RI Overseer (RIO)
RI Inventory (RII)

Other Scripts

Run with command RI_ScriptName, replacing ScriptName with name below

Evac - Casts Evac spell for specific toon script was invoked on
Replenish - Replenishes Raid food and drink from your Home or Guild Hall Food and Drink Depot
RIMovement - Core script behind RI's Movement, can also be ran standalone with RIMovementUI
Includes RILockSpot, RIFollow, RI Move InFront/Behind Mob
RIMovementUI - UI with buttons to invoke different features of RIMovement and a few other commonly used functions
RelayGroup - sets and joins a relaygroup based on the Alphabetized Concatenation of your Group's Names
RaidRelayGroup - sets and joins a RaidRelayGroup to be used for RaidScripting
RILooter - Handles looting in RI Zones, Can only be run with RI
AggroControl - snaps mobs if you or another tank does not have agro
AntiAFK - Keeps you from getting booted to Character Select while AFK
RZ - unlimited running of sets of Zones back to back AKA The Ethereal Hunter
Login - Logs toons in from xml file
Repair - Repairs at closest repair merchant
Flag - Get or Takes the flag
ZoneReset - Resets zones
RIMobHud - On screen display of all mobs you or your group/raid are engaged with
FullRebuff - Kills all maintained's on toon invoked on
AbilityEnableDisable - Disable's abilities in bots
Assisting - modifies assist settings in bots
PauseCombatBots - pause/unpause bots
ReloadBots - reload's bots
AbilityTypeEnableDisable - disable certain ability types in bots
FoodDrinkConsume - turn's autoconsume on/off for food and drink
FoodDrinkReplenish - Replenish's your food/drink from depot
Cast - calls for cast a specific spell on whichever bot you have running that is compatible
CastOn - calls for cast a specific spell on whichever bot you have running that is compatible
PauseRIMovement - does exactly what it says
PotionConsume - turn's autoconsume on/off for potions
PotionReplenish - Replenish's your potion from depot
ChangeFaceNPC - turns on/of face npc dynamically
AutoTarget - Script to help with targeting
ExecuteCommand - Executes a command
PoisonConsume - turns autoconsume on/off for poisons
PoisonReplenish - Replenishes poisons from depot
Collection - collect's all uncollected collection pieces in your bags or depot
CombatBot - Full Featured combat bot similar to OgreBot/EQ2Bot/THGBot
WriteLocs - Script to create ZoneFiles
Balance - Script that will balance all engaged mobs health based on threshold
ShareMissions - Shares all missions in your quest journal
DeleteMissions - Deletes all missions in your quest journal
Harvest - Script that will harvest the closest harvestable node that is within range, auto looping
RA - Script that allows unlimited looping of Agnostic Dungeons
HideEffects - Script to hide all self,pet,group and raid effects with a Until Canceled Duration
Transmute - Script to transmute according to ui
Salvage - Script to salvage according to ui
Ascension - Runs to and levels/gets ascension scrolls
RQ - Runs quests
RPG - Auto proving grounds
GroupLogin - logging in of entire preset groups
RICharList - Modifies your RICharList.XML for login information for accounts and toons
RII - RI inventory management
Auth - Set and modify login and password
Extract - extracts planar essences from weapons

Custom Scripts

Basic commands for scripting