Basic functions

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Use This !! ----- RI_AbiltyCheck

In the left hand box you will see your ability list clicking on any of these abilities will
open up the middle section and give different options depending on what ability (or item)
you have selected.

Hostile = used for basic combat arts and spells you want cast at current target
Named Hostile = Will only cast at NAMED targets
Buff = Flags this ability as a mantained buff and will recast in combat if not present
OutOfCombatBuff = flags as a buff but wont recast in combat
InCombatTargeted = Used for many targeted buffs that are temporary and use in combat
Heal = used for heals at %health
Power = used for power heals at %power
Cure = used for both detriments and curses (HINT: Cure curse should be set with a target =raid)

There are aditional options for target (mostly in group and raid) as well as ability duration (mostly
for HoT's and DoT's) in case you want to spam cast and not wait for the timer to run out. This should
most likely be covered in advaced strategy.