Basic commands for scripting

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(copied from [1])

RIMovement Atoms:

RI_Atom_MoveBehind(string aWho, string aRI_Var_Int_MoveBehindMobID, int aDistance, int aHealth, string aFallBackPCName)

RI_Atom_MoveInFront(string aWho, string aRI_Var_Int_MoveInFrontMobID=0, int aDistance, int aHealth, string aFallBackPCName)

RI_Atom_ChangeLockSpot(string aWho, float aX, float aY, float aZ)

RI_Atom_ChangeLockSpotByChg(string aWho, int aXChg, intaYChg, int aZChg)

RI_Atom_SetRIFollow(string aWho, string aWhoFollowID=0, int aMin=1, int aMax=100)

Methods of RIMUIObj: (RIMUI the actual ui does not need to be running to access these)


MC(... args)

Invite(... args)

MultipleCommands(... args)

StopMove(string ForWho=ALL)

ComeOn(string ForWho=ALL)

SetRIFollow(string ForWho=ALL, string OnWho=OFF, int Min=1, int Max=100)

SetLockSpot(string ForWho=ALL, string X=${Me.X}, float Y=${Me.Y}, float Z=${Me.Z}, int Min=1, int Max=100)

PauseBot(string ForWho=ALL)

ResumeBot(string ForWho=ALL)

PauseRIM(string ForWho=ALL)

ResumeRIM(string ForWho=ALL)

PauseRI(string ForWho=ALL)

ResumeRI(string ForWho=ALL)

Cast(string ForWho, string SpellName, int CancelCast=0)

CastOn(string ForWho, string SpellName, string CastName, int CancelCast=0)

Assist(string ForWho, int OnOff, string OnWho)

Depot(string ForWho)

ApplyVerb(string ForWho, string Actor, string Verb)

AcceptReward(string ForWho)

AutoRun(string ForWho)

CampDesktop(string ForWho)

CampLogin(string ForWho)

CampCharacterSelect(string ForWho)

Jump(string ForWho)

EndBots(string ForWho)

Crouch(string ForWho)

Hail(string ForWho, string HailWho)

Mentor(string ForWho, string MentorWho)

UnMentor(string ForWho)

Target(string ForWho, string TargetWho)

UseItem(string ForWho, string ItemName)

UnloadISXRI(string ForWho)

HailOption(string ForWho, int Option)

CloseTopWindow(string ForWho)

PetAttack(string ForWho)

PetBackOff(string ForWho)

ToggleWalkRun(string ForWho)

RunScript(string ForWho, string ScriptName)

EndScript(string ForWho, string ScriptName)

ExecuteCommand(string ForWho, string CommandName)

FoodDrinkReplenish(string ForWho)

Repair(string ForWho)

Special(string ForWho)

Revive(string ForWho)

FoodDrinkConsume(string ForWho, int OnOff)

Door(string ForWho, int Door)

EquipCharm(string ForWho, string Charm)

ChoiceWindow(string ForWho, int Choice)

PotionConsume(string ForWho, int OnOff)

PoisonConsume(string ForWho, int OnOff)

CallGH(string ForWho)

Zone(string ForWho)

PotionReplenish(string ForWho)

PoisonReplenish(string ForWho)

Flag(string ForWho, string GetTake=Take)

Evac(string ForWho)

CancelAllMaintained(string ForWho)

LockSpotPop(string ForWho)

RIFollowPop(string ForWho)

AssistPop(string ForWho)

DoorPop(string ForWho)

PreHeal(string ForWho=ALL, string OnWho)

RIFollowChange(string ForWho, int IncDec)



LoadRaidGroupHud(string ForWho)

UnLoadRaidGroupHud(string ForWho)

LoadNearestNPCHud(string ForWho)

UnLoadNearestNPCHud(string ForWho)

LoadNearestPlayerHud(string ForWho)

UnLoadNearestPlayerHud(string ForWho)

Methods of RI_Obj_CB:

ChangeProfile(string ProfileName)



Assist(string OnOff, string AssName=FALSE)

SetUISetting(string _SettingName, string Value)

FaceNPC(int OnOff)

CastOn(string _CastName, string coCastTarget=FALSE, bool CastNow=FALSE)

Cast(string _CastName, bool CastNow=FALSE)

Pause(int OnOff, int pauseRIM=0)

ModifyCastStackAbiltiesListBoxItem(string AbilityName, bool Enabled)


Debug(bool Enabled)

CastingDebug(bool Enabled)

ModifyCastStackAbilityType(string AbilityType, bool Enabled)

AddOnEvents(string _OnEventsType, string _OnEventsCommand, bool _Disabled=FALSE)

AddPrePostCast(string FirstAbility, string SecondAbility, bool Before, bool Disabled=FALSE)

AddItem(string ItemName, string ItemEffect)

AddAssist(string AssistName, bool Disabled=FALSE)

AddAnnounce(string AnnounceName, string AnnounceTarget, string Announcement, bool Disabled=FALSE)

AddCastStackAbilitiesListBoxItem(string _AbilityDisabled, string _AbilityName, int _ExportPosition, string _Type, string _Target, string _%, string _#, string _SD, string _SE, string _SAE, string _RIE , string _MAX, int _Savagery, int _DissonanceLess,int _DissonanceGreater)

EditCastStackAbilitiesListBoxItem(string _AbilityDisabled, string _AbilityName, int _ExportPosition, string _Type, string _Target, string _%, string _#, string _SD, string _SE, string _SAE, string _RIE , string _MAX, int _Savagery, int _DissonanceLess,int _DissonanceGreater, int OrderedItem)

AddAlias(string AliasName, string AliasFor, bool Disabled=FALSE)

AddInvisAbility(string AbilityName, bool Disabled=FALSE)

SetDefaulProfile(string _Profile)

DeleteProfile(string _Profile)

SaveProfile(string _Profile)

Members of RI_Obj_CB:

string GetUISetting(string _SettingName)

P.S. if you don't understand how to implement these I recommend checking out

for Atoms : [2]

for Objects : [3]