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Complete, near perfect automation for the following Heroic Zones:
(Disclaimer: RI is intended for farm mode, Basically if you need the gear from the zones you should be running them manually)

Blood of Luclin:

Quest-Blood of Luclin Timeline

Quest-Blood of Luclin Tradeskill Timeline

Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Order (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Sanctus Seru: Echelon of Divinity (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Sanctus Seru: Arx Aeturnus (Expert, Event Heroic and Solo)

Aurelian Coast: Sambata Village (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Aurelian Coast: Maiden's Eye (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Aurelian Coast: Reishi Rumble (Expert, Event Heroic and Solo)

Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Fordel Midst: The Listless Spires (Expert, Event Heroic and Solo)

The Vault of Ssraeshza (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
The Venom of Ssraeshza (Expert, Event Heroic and Solo)

Chaos Descending:

Quest-Chaos Descending Timeline

Doomfire: The Enkindled Towers (Heroic and Solo)
Doomfire: Elements of Rage (Solo)
Doomfire: Vengeance of Ro (Event Heroic and Solo)
Eryslai: The Bixel Hive (Heroic and Solo)
Eryslai: The Midnight Aerie (Solo)
Eryslai: Trials of Air (Event Heroic and Solo)
Awuidor: The Nebulous Deep (Heroic and Solo)
Awuidor: Marr's Ascent (Heroic and Solo)

Planes of Prophecy:

Quest-Chaos Descending Prelude
Quest-Planes of Prophecy Crafting Timeline
Quest-Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Quest-House Yrzu Faction Timeline (Including Repeatables)
Quest-House Vahla Faction Timeline (Including Repeatables)
Quest-Pride Pakiat Faction Timeline (Including Repeatables)

Plane of Innovation: Masks of the Marvelous (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Plane of Innovation: Parts Not Included (Expert, Event Heroic and Duo)
Plane of Disease: Outbreak (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Plane of Disease: The Source (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Plane of Disease: Infested Mesa (Expert, Event Heroic and Duo)
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Chase (Expert, Event Heroic and Duo)
Solusek Ro's Tower: The Obsidian Core (Expert, Heroic and Solo)
Solusek Ro's Tower: Monolith of Fire (Expert, Heroic and Solo)


Quests - ALL Epic 2.0 Prerequisites are now in RQ

The Underdepths [Proving Ground]
(Includes logging in and out of alts and automatic resetting, also includes automatic recovery from Zoning lockups and client crashes, this means you can Run PG virtually forever, or at least until you have all the tokens you need)

Kunark Ascending:

Quest - KA Crafting Timeline (An Urgent Call, et cetera)
Quest - KA Adventure Signature Timeline

Arcanna'se Spire: Revealed
Arcanna'se Spire: Forgotten Sanctum [Solo, Heroic and Expert]
Arcanna'se Spire: Repository of Secrets [Solo, Heroic and Expert]
Arcanna'se Spire: Vessel of the Sorceress [Advanced Solo, Event Heroic and Expert Event]

Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo, Heroic and Expert]

Crypt of Dalnir: Wizard's Den [Advanced Solo, Event Heroic and Expert Event]
Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop [Solo, Heroic and Expert] (Named Coding Only)

Lost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Advanced Solo, Event Heroic and Expert Event]

The Frillik Tide (~5 Mins)


The Crypt of Agony [Agnostic]

Terrors of Thalumbra

Quest - ToT Crafting Timeline (What Lies Beneath)

Stygian Threshold [Heroic]
Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway [Event Heroic]

Maldura: Bar Brawl [Event Heroic]
Maldura: District of Ash [Heroic]
Maldura: Palace Foray [Event Heroic]

Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power [Heroic]
Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Heroic]

Altar of Malice

Zavith'loa: The Lost Caverns [Heroic]
Zavith'loa: The Hidden Caldera [Heroic]
Zavith'loa: The Hunt [Event Heroic]

Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls [Heroic]
Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack [Heroic]
Brokenskull Bay: Bosun's Private Stock [Event Heroic]

Castle Highhold [Heroic]
Castle Highhold: Thresinet's Den [Heroic]
Castle Highhold: Insider Treachery [Event Heroic]

Ossuary: Resonance of Malice [Heroic]
Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]

Ssraeshza Temple [Heroic]
Ssraeshza Temple: Taskmaster's Echo [Event Heroic]
Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]

F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed [Heroic]
F.S. Distillery: Stowaways [Event Heroic]
F.S. Distillery: Stowaways [Challenge]

The Fabled Acadechism [Heroic]
The Fabled Crypt of Valdoon [Heroic]
The Fabled Court of Innovation [Heroic]

Raid Coding for:

Teraradus the Gorer
Kerridicus Searskin
The Crumbling Icon
Jessip Daggerheart
Captain Krasnok
Grevog the Punisher
Zebrun the Torso
Grethah the Frenzied
Farozth Ssravizh
Ka'Rah Ferun
Archlich Rhag'Zadune
Virtuoso Edgar V'Zann
Sacrificer Aevilla D'Serin
Protector of Bones (Targeting Only)
Brutas the Imbiber
Bull McCleran
Ritual Keeper V'derin
Tserrina Syl'tor
The Construct of Malice